QMF Construction was awarded the contract by Haslin Construction to carry out stage 1 and stage 2 construction of the Ballina Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade in the township of Ballina and Lennox Head.

Scope of works on this project included but was not limited to:

  • Ebb tide tank x 3.0 ML
  • Chlorine contact RW storage tank x 2.5ML
  • Sludge building

Other aspects of the project included:

  • Supply and design of an engineered formwork system,
  • Construction of a 21.6ML/d Membrane treatment plant at Ballina, with the recycled water stored in a 3.0ML storage tank for residential reuse and ebb tide release
  • 3.5ML/d Microfiltration plant at Lennox Head, with recycled water stored in a 2.5ML storage tank
  • Construction of radius tanks
  • Working at heights

Works completed August 2013

Project contact: Greg Dowling – Haslin Construction