QMF Construction was awarded the contract by Haslin Constructions to carry out all associated concrete works on the construction of the new Shell Cove Railway Station and interchange service in the Sutherland Shire.

Scope of works on this project included but was not limited to:

  • Stairs and Concourse

(The Stairs and Concourse were constructed using a conventional formwork system.  Use of the conventional formwork systems ensured quality and precision during the pour of the stairs.  The stairs and concourse was supported by complex scaffolding system designed by QMF Construction.)

  • Platforms
  • Bridge and Lift Shafts

(The bridge was constructed using pre-cast beams and finished with a topping slab. The lift shaft (5.5 metres in height) was constructed using both conventional and an engineered formwork system.)

  • Culvert Units and wing walls
  • Two separate platforms (170 LM)
  • Access stairs and bridge over the rail line
  • Lift shafts and suspended concourse area
  • In-situ drainage culverts with associated wing walls
  • Car park pedestrian access pavements
  • Supply and design of engineered and conventional formwork systems

Other aspects of the project included working at heights, access constraints and working in the rail corridor. Working in the rail corridor came with a tight construction program. To help meet these requirements QMF Construction developed an innovative system to move and transport formwork pans without the use of cranage.

The system a first of its kind ensured works were in-line with project milestones and in time for rail shut downs.  QMF also designed a complex suspended false work system to construct and support headstock, stairs and suspended concourse.

Works completed November 2014

Project contact: Chris Hammond – Haslin Constructions